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Virtual Middle School Summer Camp

August 7-11, 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Summer will be here before you know it! Once summer is over, will you be ready to get back to school?

Get all your ingredients ready for a great school year in our Build Your Best School Year Virtual Summer Camp!

Each camper will receive a “Welcome to Camp!” kit including a free Amazon Fire 7 tablet, supplies for camp activities, school supplies, and a special surprise to kick off the start of camp!

Create innovations based on animal superpowers, travel on virtual field trips, write for stage and screen, perform real experiments, design your own creations, use a mood tracker.

Who Can Attend?

Students entering sixth through eighth grade in fall 2023 who reside in Pennsylvania. Priority is given to students experiencing homelessness.

There is no cost to attend.

Come back for information on registration and camp schedule, or sign up to be notified when registration opens.

Camp Sessions Include:

  • Opening Remarks by Dr. Joe Johnson, author and keynote speaker.
  • Empowering bracelet making with The Eclectic Chic Boutique.
  • Air-dry Clay and Mixed Media with GoggleWorks.
  • Let’s Go on a Virtual Field Trip with TEACH.
  • Life Beyond Middle: Unlocking Your Dreams.
  • Matching Breath to Movement with Christina Tinoco.
  • Rising Strong: Building Resilience in Adolescence with Stephanie Colvin-Roy.
  • Physical Activity for Health and Wellbeing Part 1 and 2 with Contrell Armor.
  • Doing Well at Being Well with Ben Simmons.

Session Descriptions

  1. Learn The Importance of Unleashing Your Purpose.
  2. Learn What It Takes to Reprogram Your Mindset.
  3. Learn The 4p’s [Building Your Team].

This workshop will focus on how humans are learning about other species, inventing things to improve society based on biomimicry, or science modeled on biology. We will discuss new inventions as a class, research fun designs in small groups, and have independent time to come up with our own inventions based on animal superpowers. We’ll learn how biomimicry has been used in medicine, urban planning, space exploration, and farming, for example. Learn about the interaction between biology and design and be inspired to learn about nature to improve problems in your community.

Math is fun, especially when games are involved. From bingo to Jeopardy to a plethora of newer games, get a chance to laugh and engage with other campers while honing your problem-solving, social skills, and mathematical reasoning. Let the competition begin! Led by Marian Dossou, entrepreneur and TEACH’s lead Math instructor.

In 2020, museums had to create or expand their online content to stay relevant. History, art, and science institutions worked hard to provide interesting tours and exhibits that are still accessible today. Explore some of these online resources for sites in and around Philadelphia. You will analyze your discoveries with instructor-led questions. Explore and experience these virtual museums as a whole class or in small groups.

Some sites include Independence Seaport Museum, Museum of the American Revolution, Kalmar Nyckel, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Arch Street Meeting House, The Science History Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Franklin Institute, and Betsy Ross House.

Do you know what you want to do for a career? Have you thought about going to college or trade school? What about becoming a YouTuber? Find out what it takes to reach your dreams and get started in the right direction. Gain a better understanding of how to reach your goals.

Learn the basics of yoga and various meditation techniques that will assist in calming your body and mind.

Learn how to design and create a beautiful, beaded bracelet using glass beads and elastic. The teacher, Juanita, will walk you through how to choose colors, how to string the bracelet, and how to tie it off. Juanita, who is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher and energy healer, discusses how the color blue is connected to the Throat Chakra, encouraging the class to find their voices, speak up, and feel empowered in their lives.

What’s the first step to creating a movie? The script! Learn how to get your words ready for the big screen. Not only will we be sharpening our English and language arts skills with familiar writing concepts, but we will also be learning how to write in an exciting new format— the very same one used by professional playmakers and screenwriters everywhere! The workshop will engage students with a variety of individual writing prompts, group workshop activities, discussion of contextualizing film clips, and even performance of our new, original screenplays! Students will learn “how to think like a screenwriter” and bring their big ideas to life.

Get your hands dirty as you learn how to mold clay to make a pinch pot or cup, while learning about wedging, slab rolling, and hand-building techniques. Once your project is complete, let it dry for 24-48 hours!

Here’s an easy way to get to know mindfulness. We will define what “well-being” is and learn how to use a mood tracker sent in your welcome kit. Engage in some reflective activities that help you be aware of your feelings, such as writing in a journal, recollection, and discussion. Finally, we will learn about tools and frameworks to help discuss your feelings calmly and successfully.

Physical Activity for Health and Well-being Pt 1

Physical activity promotes strong bones and muscles, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity also has significant mental health benefits, improving mood, self-esteem, and brain function. Review the importance of incorporating physical activities into your lifestyle.

Physical Activity for Health and Well-being Pt 2

You’ve learned why physical activity is important; now let’s play! Get ready to share what you’ve learning about adding physical activities into your life by playing our gameshow-style questions and answers session.

Building resilience is an essential skill that will help you navigate the challenges of life. Understand what resilience is and why it is important for your healthy development. Learn how to identify and manage emotions in a healthy and effective way. Learn to think positively, challenge negative thoughts, and develop a growth mindset. Recognize and use support systems and resources available to you.

Join this virtual experience where we’ll mix various media to create personal masterpieces. Develop your style as we enjoy the benefits of having fun while exploring our creativity together!

Schools and Organizations – Would You Like to Host a Campsite?

Organizations who would like to host a campsite where children can attend, please contact Melissa Turnpaugh at or 717-763-6120, ext 120. Your school or program will be responsible for the supervision of children during the camps. 

We created a toolkit to help you host a campsite or share about this year’s virtual summer camp with students and families!

Please watch our short information session below.

This program is brought to you by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH) program with funds from Pennsylvania’s American Rescue Plan – Homeless Children and Youth Program. To learn more about the PA ECYEH Program, visit