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A General Guide to Pennsylvania’s ECYEH Program

Pennsylvania’s primary goal for its ECYEH Program is to educate local education agencies (LEAs) and other entities who work with children, youth and families, on the rights of children and youth experiencing homelessness. This booklet is a brief overview and awareness and training tool for sharing how Pennsylvania ECYEH works to collaboratively eliminate barriers that may impede enrollment, attendance, or receipt of services that support academic success – including special student populations such as preschool-aged children experiencing homelessness, unaccompanied youth and out-of-school youth.

View General Guide to Pennsylvania's ECYEH Program (PDF).

What You Should Know About Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Guide

This Pennsylvania focused booklet is a brief overview of some important issues surrounding child homelessness – such as who they are, how they are affected by homelessness, and their available educational choices and federal rights. The booklet should prepare you to better assist any student who is experiencing homelessness.

View What You Should Know About Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Guide (PDF).

Pennsylvania ECYEH Regional Map

Pennsylvania’s Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH) program has eight regional offices located across the state, who are dedicated to ensuring the educational needs of students experiencing homelessness are being met in every school and community across the state.

View the map and find your regional office and contact information.

Child Accounting Guidelines

This booklet provides an overview, information and scenarios regarding Pennsylvania child accounting guidelines and procedures.

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Educational Rights Posters for Young People

Use this poster (available in English and in Spanish) for sharing with parents and caregivers about their childrens’ education eligibility under the federal McKinney-Vento Act.

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