A referral for online mental health services through The Bridge Project in PA is required by the Homeless Liaison at the student’s school. Only Homeless Liaisons can make a referral.

If your family is experiencing homelessness, and you would like to access free mental health counseling, please contact the Homeless Liaison at your school.

If you work for a community organization, you may provide a student or family experiencing homelessness with information about The Bridge Project in PA and suggest they contact the Homeless Liaison at their school.

School Homeless Liaisons – Steps to make a referral

  • 1

    Choose the county where your school is located from the dropdown menu.

  • 2

    You will be redirected to the referral form of the mental health provider assigned to your PA ECYEH Program region.

  • 3

    After making your first referral, you contact the mental health provider assigned to your school directly to make future referrals and appointments.

Important: Referrals should not be made for students or their families that are in immediate distress and require crisis resources. These students/families should immediately call or text 988 for direct links for suicide prevention and crisis support.

Questions about making a referral? Email us at [email protected].

Information Needed to Make a Referral

  • School Homeless Liaison name.

  • School Homeless Liaison contact information (phone and email).

  • District/school entity.

  • Name of student.

  • Student contact (phone and/or email).

  • Name of parent or guardian.

  • Parent or guardian contact (phone and email).

  • Primary contact for initial intake appointment and future scheduling.

  • School entities must work with students and families to ensure they can attend and access appointments during the school day. You will be asked to acknowledge your school’s agreement to provide accommodations as needed.